IRL Art Gallery



Labour time

A clock, a chair and tokens comprise the physicality of this work. The small metallic tokens were inscribed with the total labour time of their individual construction and could be taken in three ways. The tokens could be stolen, earned or profited by the individual who interacts with the piece.


This work explores mark making through extended repetition. In the work two people paint the soles of their shoes and play hopscotch for a period of one hour. The result of this was a painting similar in style to a Rorschach test.


An art work about endurance, the piece takes a simplistic action of screwing and extends it over a three hour time line. Is art simply an endurance exercise?


The resulting aftermath of Posi-drive, Posi-driven, is the final form when the time limit is lifted and the edges of the wood act as the only limiting factor.

Lighter than Air

Technically very had to create this work is comprised of a concrete ballon balanced on a this metal base.


Bang is the an experiment of simplistic gestures and tangible expression of onomatopoeia.

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